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Cylenn Erasmus & Joni Peddi


In a fast paced world with exhausting demands on our time and performance, Celynn and Joni vibrantly present hands on, practical advice so that participants can work better, live smarter and get the most out of every day. 

In a nutshell , participants living in this “immediate gratification” decade will learn how to integrate the 
3 KEY components for living a “high performance” life.

How to …
1. Fuel effectively for sustained energy and 
2. Activate their bodies to radiate their brilliance &
3. Behaviourally … the ability to broaden their “bandwidth” to deal more effectively with difficult colleagues.

If there’s an “inkling” of lethargy / weariness/ aloofness / apathy in your team or department … Celynn & Joni will provide the gusto needed to ignite each person’s oomph!
The bottom line is an extra 2 hours of productivity per day. Something money can’t buy!

About Celynn Erasmus

• Accredited professional speaker with the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa ( PSASA).
• Registered dietician (RD SA).
• Registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA). 

“Celynn’s energetic, yet relaxed style and simple approach to wellness inspires even the most lethargic to make positive lifestyle changes.”
Mark VD Watt, Head: Risk Savings, Momentum Group

“Celynn showed herself to be a competent, lively presenter and every delegate took at least one action for immediate implementation, mostly several, to improve their own health and business performance.” 
Nick Jackson, ACE Chairman
Cumbria, UK

About Joni Peddie

• Accredited Professional Speaker 
• Founding Member of the Enneagram Institute of Jhb (www.enneagramjhb.co.za)
• Accredited Business Coach (International Coaching Federation)
• Trainer: Integrated Leadership Programme™ for Corporates & various Business Schools (USA & SA)

“Joni is our secret weapon! She helped our team members understand each other in terms of their different points of view, distinct set of values, different communication styles and ways of solving problems”
Carolyn Perie, HR Director : Areva, South Africa.

“Joni’s course gave us true enlightenment as to whey we behave the way we do. Our whole sales team now approach their work with an empathy for the client and understanding their client’s hard wiring! This is a brilliant tool with immediate results, and one we plan on rolling out across Europe.” 
Mark Bloomer, A.S.M Sub Saharan Africa & Europe
SSAB Sweden
Immediate Vitality 
Feel FAB … no schlep !

• Wellness thermometer – how hot are you?
• Fuel up and go – effective eating on the run
• Simple smart snacking strategies 
• Natural energy enhancing strategies
• Eating out made easy
• Planning energising meals 
• How to make bite sized changes and still get super sized results!

 So much energy: you’ll have “spare” time in your day, because you’ve ticked off your 
“To Do List”!


• No sweat, at your desk exercise
• Creative ways to work out at work
• Movement opportunities that “integrate” with your daily activities 
• Strengthen your abs and back and you’ll work on your posture
• Prevent repetitive strain injuries
• Stretches that reduce stress so you can easily smile and deal with “irritations”

 Adding short bouts of exercise, not only burns more calories but ALSO
energises you and sends blood to your brain!


• “Madness” barometer. When you’re really cross / mad… How do you deal with conflict?
• Are you Service-orientated and altruistic?
• Are you more Withdrawn… looking at the bigger picture?
• Are you Assertive… a high-energy initiator?
• Conflicts with colleagues cost you time and completely deplete your energy!
• How not to let minor misunderstandings erupt into toxic behaviour

 Relate to your difficult colleagues more easily & use “conflict” to ignite creativity … which of course will EXHILARATE YOU ! 


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