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Our challenge is to fit all the following incredible speakers and acts into the program. We may not be able to, but as you can see from the list below, you will not be disappointed.

Check back regularly to see who we manage to squeeze in.

Alex 2

Alex Granger

Who is Alex and what are his areas of expertise.

I am the exceptional business and motivational speaker, and outstanding MC and Facilitator. I have more than 18 years sales and marketing, business strategy, and travel and tourism, and conference experience. I hold leadership and executive leadership qualifications from Gordon’s Institute of Business Science (University of Pretoria) with a distinction in leadership.

I have worked in senior management and executive positions for South African blue chip companies such as The Bidvest Group, Tsogo Sun, Altech Group, Imperial Group, Diners Club International, and G4S Secure Solutions.

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Michael Jackson EON Showcase
Michael Jackson

Who is Michael and what are his areas of expertise.

Over my speaking career to date I have successfully presented at over 2000 conferences over 15 years as a speaker at events around the world, and in each of the last three years I’ve averaged around 160 events a year across two dozen countries.

I speak about business; mostly on change, excellence, leadership, consumer & business trends as well as the road ahead for business.

Although my speaking schedule is intense, I still undertake several business facilitation and strategic projects of this nature and in the last 12 months I have undertaken projects with organisations such as Qatar Airways and HP across Africa, the Middle East and Europe in this capacity.

I’m also widely regarded as a Master of Ceremonies which is a very different discipline and requires detailed time and people management.

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Ryan Hogarth Unique Speaker Bureau
Ryan Hogarth

Who is Ryan and what are his areas of expertise.

Ryan’s area of expertise is in understanding how the business-customer relationship has changed and in particular how social, mobile & Internet are shaping this relationship. Having built an online business he has insight into how customers view and what they expect from a business they interact with. This is bringing tumultuous change to business. Ryan brings an understanding of the mindset required to navigate this change.

Social Media has given birth to social business. How does a business become social? How does a business become human in its relationship with customers? Ryan speaks to these very questions.

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Nicki Abdinor
Nicky Abdinor

Nicky will be the speaker that attendees talk about during the break. Her keynote talk, “Driving Dreams” shares an inspiring message that includes life lessons from overcoming exceptional physical challenges.

Her video clips will leave you spellbound and questioning what is possible. As a Clinical Psychologist, Nicky’s message is enhanced by her ability and understanding of creating sustainable change in attitudes, beliefs and emotions.

Her inspiring personal story and wicked sense of humour means participants leave your event empowered and motivated.

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Tracey Foulkes
Tracey Foulkes

Tracey’s presentation style is casual, engaging, light and fun … your audience will be inspired to take massive action. Her content is relevant across the board. 

Most people don’t think of me as quiet, if you saw me speaking you’d likely agree. I like to have fun with my audience, I use my hands a lot and smile broadly. It’s magical really, like flicking a switch sometimes … get me speaking about efficiency, organisation, productivity and any other such nerdy topic and well, I’m in my happy place!

Being the owner of Get Organised (South Africa & Ireland) and co-founder of Sorted Circus, companies fighting a cause to empower people to work smarter in more accountable ways, keeps me on my toes to say the least. I am passionate to live what I teach, I love all things quirky and live by the mantra “NO EXCUSES!”.

Finally, being organised doesn’t have to be hard, you don’t need to work long or late. I’m striving for effortless(ness) … wanna join me?

Widely regarded as a recognised expert in business organisation and productivity she is regularly featured on national TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. Tracey is a monthly contributing expert to Entrepreneur Magazine. 

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Ryan Stramrood EON Showcase
Ryan Stramrood

Who is Ryan and what are his areas of expertise.

Ryan Stramrood, a born and bred Captonian, is the quintessential ‘Average Joe’. He owns a media sales operation and has a loving family.

Yet, when not in the office, Ryan and his small like-minded extremist friends, quietly travel the world in search of its most inhospitable, often treacherous, icy ocean waters for their next swim challenge.

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Daniel Silke EON Showcase
Daniel Silke

Who is Daniel and what are his areas of expertise.

As Director of the Political Futures Consultancy, I am widely regarded as one of South Africa’s foremost experts on the South African, African and Global political economy.

With experience gained from academia, as a public representative and as a corporate consultant, I have developed an outstanding reputation as an expert on South Africa’s political and economic future, growth prospects for the African continent and in particular, global business trends. This includes looking into the future of the world with a ‘futurist’ mindset.

I appear regularly on CNBC Africa, ENCA, the SABC, 702, Classic FM, Business Day TV, BBC and in most major print newspapers in South Africa. I write a regular column for Fin24.com and am author of the acclaimed business book, “Tracking the Future”.

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Al Podgers
Al Prodgers
  • Al regulary performs on major stages throughout South Africa, including the 2010 Vodacom Funny Festival in the Baxter Theatre Concert Hall, Cape Town.
  • In 2008, Al featured on the Johannesburg Arts Alive Festival comedy bill. He has performed in this hugely popular event every year since 2005.
  • He thrilled the crowd at the 94.7/Rapport Raw Rocks Festival in the Sun City Super Bowl this year.
  • He’s been a regular at the Smirnoff International Comedy Festival and has had successful solo shows at the Grahamstown Festival Fringe.•Al is a popular feature at the King Size Comedy Jams in major centres around the country.
  • In 2006, he flew the flag in Durban at the East Coast Radio Comedy Invasion Tour with visiting Aust

Lynn Baker
Lynn Baker

As an Executive Presence Consultant, I assist people at all levels to develop a powerful personal identity that is congruent with personal and professional goals.

Often referred to as ‘Impression and Perception management’ I create awareness around the importance of developing a credible personal brand, addressing all aspects of professional image from the way we look, the way we walk, the way we talk and the way we behave.

Lynn Baker combines her unique knowledge of being a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, Business Image Consultant and successful business woman to deliver fascinating presentations on Executive Presence, Impression Management, Public Speaking and Business Presentation Skills.

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Rob Caskie
Rob Caskie

Who is Rob and what are his areas of expertise?

Having enthralled audiences with my experiences on motorcycle trips in southern Africa at university, I embarked on a professional speaking career 14 years ago. I have presented the stories of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift along with early Antarctic exploration, successfully to thousands of audiences around the world. As a consummate story-teller I specialize in telling stories about human beings in extreme circumstances. My interest in people and their history was cemented by extensive travels all over the world.

A passionate interest in photography assists me in creating visual images via the power of the spoken word. Alongside my speaking career, I conduct regular battlefield tours in KwaZulu Natal.

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Andy Preston
Andy Preston

Who is Andy and what are his areas of expertise.

Growing up in Manchester, England, I started off in business as a professional buyer – which gave me a great insight into how people make buying decisions, and what most salespeople do wrong in the process!  I then chose to take a sales job, selling in a commodity industry, where it was almost impossible to stand out from 150+ competitors selling exactly the same thing – and became the top salesperson in the country.  For the last 10 years, I’ve been speaking and training around the globe, helping individuals and companies increase their sales!

There isn’t another sales speaker out there with my experience, credibility, and that will give you that practical tools that I will, to help you and your clients increase sales from the moment I leave the stage!

View Andy's full bio.iew Andy's full bio.

Justin Cohen
Justin Cohen

Who is Justin and what are his areas of expertise.

What effect is Justin going to have on my bottom line?

“Justin delivered a powerful message that will have a long lasting effect on our people. We are experiencing early returns on our investment with a clear increase in sales numbers.”- Raymond O’Neil, MD, HSBC, DUBAI

“After Justin came to speak to the optometrists, turnover is 54% above last year.”
- Tanya Peche, Sales Manager, EDCON

What effect is he going to have on the audience?

“Justin electrifies his audience … he was the best speaker.” – Eric Peacock, Director, Academy of Chief Executives, UK

“I have seen a lot of speakers and sat through a lot of breakout sessions. Justin Cohen is the most informative, entertaining and inspiring that I’ve seen. He is the key reason that this year’s annual convention was rated the best in our chapter’s history.” – Dave Goranson, President, American Society for Training and Development, HOI

“Justin knocked it out of the park! The audience was enthralled, engaged, laughing, and on the verge of tears at times which in my book makes a great presentation and a great speaker. There were a lot of a take-aways for the entire organization.”
Ellen George, Dean, Corporate Education, Illinois Central College, USA

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