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Our challenge is to fit all the following incredible speakers and acts into the program. We may not be able to, but as you can see from the list below, you will not be disappointed.

Check back regularly to see who we manage to squeeze in.


Fusion Entertainment

Who are we and what are our areas of expertise?

Fusion Entertainment is a dynamic company with a passion and vision for top class events and entertainment as well as DJ hire. From our meagre beginnings in 1998, Fusion has grown to be the preferred Entertainment Supplier, Technical, Multimedia, Production and Event Support for many major South African and international companies. Our latest addition of a full Recording studio gives us an unparalleled edge and allows us to offer and deliver an incredible range of services.

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Evits Bezuidenhout



Who am I and what are my areas of expertise?

These are some of the words used to describe Evita Bezuidenhout’s State of the Nation address to corporates, conferences, think-tanks, indabas, award ceremonies and report-backs. The most famous white woman in South Africa is focusing on the need to move from the fearful negative that has infected our society to optimistic hope and excitement for a successful future for all.

Her life in politics, from representing the National Party regime in a black homeland, through the kitchens of power to now take her place in Luthuli House as a respected member of the ANC, allows Mrs Bezuidenhout to share many pearls of wisdom with her audience. Focusing on women and the state of family values, she underlines the importance of remembering where we come from so we can celebrate where we are going. To her, the balancing act of life in our rainbow democracy is too often between a glass half-full and a glass half-empty. Evita Bezuidenhout uses humour and hope with respect and optimism to make her point: the people must lead and the government will follow.

She has been in the lives of South Africans for the last thirty years, since her introduction in 1982 as the South African Ambassador to the Homeland of Bapetikosweti. She is probably the closest we have to the Queen Mother and because she does not use ‘bad’ language or ‘tasteless’ references, her audiences have grown to include citizens from all walks of life, from executives to trade unionists, reflecting the multi-cultures of South Africa, all united by a diverse and uncomplicated sense of humour. Jokes are funny. The truth can be even more outrageous. Laughing at our fear can help make that fear less fearful. Confronting the complex and worrying realities of our eighteen-year-old democracy with humour has proved to be enriching and enlightening. It is also great entertainment.

In English or Afrikaans, or bilingual with necessary nods in the direction of the other nine official languages, the presentation is ideally 30 to 40 minutes long. Experience has shown that Evita’s talk set among other speeches of substance and maybe not many laughs, creates a successful balance for the audience.


Why are my presentations of interest or relevance?

I stand firmly in the present with an eye on the future and an echo of the past. My year does not have 365 days; it has two days – today and tomorrow. Where we are now is an essential focus of all my energy, with a respectful nod at tomorrow which can only be a better future with a total commitment to excellence today. Laughing at fear also helps make that fear less fearful - and so my balance of 49% anger / 51% entertainment
has always been the magic potion of optimism.

Why use me and when should you do so?

I can’t solve any problems but can try to reflect them in a cracked mirror of satire which often allows the viewer to laugh at themselves. I’m in Darling on the West Coast which is an hour from the airport. I travel light and alone. I’m on time. I speak two of the eleven official languages with a smattering of needed phrases to help me at petrol stations and through customs. I’m nearly 70 and still feel 16, so I must be doing or eating something right.

Evita Bezuidenhout has become used to being the most famous white woman in South Africa, if not Africa. And she is now also the most famous white woman in the ANC. Having joined the party after her grandchildren challenged her to protect democracy so that one day when they needed it, freedom to vote would still be a sacred right, she is back in active politics.

She recognises many familiar speed wobbles in the state of the nation and having survived the virus of apartheid, she is verbal about how to prevent a recurrence of the epidemic. Tannie Evita is in Luthuli House cooking for reconciliation and having curtains made for Nkandla. She helps the President prepare his speeches and celebrates the knowledge that there are far more good people in politics than bad ones.

Her focus is now on the upcoming local elections and the importance of strongly committed municipalities.

"The municipality is in the front garden. The provincial government is across the street and the national government is up the hill!"



Full Pieter's full bio.

 Tony jp
Tony Leon

Who is Tony and what are his areas of expertise?

I bring and deliver real time experiences from worlds of politics and global diplomacy and led the Democratic Alliance of South Africa from the brink of extinction to the second largest party in the land.

I have served on both sides of the fence-from being leader of the opposition in SA to the Ambassador to South America appointed by President Jacob Zuma. I currently write syndicated columns in the most influential newspapers, Sunday Times, Business Day and The Times reflecting on this country and the world .

I address multiple audiences at home and abroad and have published four critically acclaimed books, on of which “On the Contrary” won the Recht Malan Award for the best SA non fiction book of 2008.

Why are my presentations of interest or relevance to your audience?

As above and covers the intersections of politics, economics, business and engagement with the world but in a highly entertaining and easily accessible fashion.

View Tony's full bio.

kate moodley
Kate Moodley

Who is Kate and what are her areas of expertise?

I am presently a Franchise Director at Discovery and author of the book titled “IINC. Be the CEO of your Brand”. My academic qualifications include a Masters in Law, LLB, BA CFP and MDP. I began my career in legal but quickly moved into the financial services industry and insurance in particular.

I started my career as a Candidate Attorney with Deneys Reitz. Then became a Legal Advisor with Old Mutual in 2003 and moved on to Momentum as a Business Development Manager for Momentum in 2005. My career grew in Momentum and was soon appointed as a Regional Manager and then moved on to General Manager (Executive Management).

In 2010, I took the courageous step of becoming a Franchise Director at Discovery – essentially running my own business under the Discovery umbrella. Professionally I have had the privilege of being recognized as an emerging leader and businesswomen.
Why are my presentations of interest or relevance to your audience?
I believe that Personal Branding is the key to being successful. It is of relevance to people running their own businesses or working for a corporate. My personal experience around building my own brand in business and in a corporate is extremely valuable. I have done just over 100 talks on the topic of branding since the launch of my book ( which has been 2 years). Presently running and owning a franchise at Discovery, keeps my content and experience relevant to those that I am presenting to. 

View Kate's full bio.

Siphiwe Moyo
Who is Siphiwe and what are his areas of expertise.

Siphiwe Moyo is a Professional Motivational Speaker based in South Africa.

He researches and speaks on career progression, employee engagement, employee morale, and employee motivation and on strategies aimed at nipping the entitlement culture in the bud.He is an Organizational Development and Learning Specialist. He is an Author,Facilitator, MC and the Chairman of the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP).

View Siphiwe's full bio.


Lewis Pugh

Who is Lewis and what are his areas of expertise?

Lewis’s ability to make his story matter has made him one of the world’s leading inspirational speakers.

Ocean Advocate & Pioneer Swimmer

The ultimate chivalrous Crusader for climate change awareness,
Lewis Pugh just broke another record in August, swimming the seven seas, to do one thing and one thing only. To say to the world “Wake Up!”

He has swam if frigid waters but managed to survive, only because he wanted to prove that if man can now swim in the Arctic seas and survive, global warming and the devastating impact it brings, must be taken seriously.

But Lewis is not just another macho-man notching up another daredevil victory against treacherous odds, he is an accomplished professional speaker with a crystal clear, eloquently and powerfully delivered message.

There can be no argument that the world still needs explorers. But unlike Columbus and many others before and since, the discoveries Lewis has set his course to reveal are about the state of our world that we never get to see, probably never consider, but that all have an enormous impact on the unseen encroaching disaster of our planet in crisis.

After all, who really witnesses for us, the things that aren’t broadcast into our living rooms, of places experiencing unprecedented change, brought about what we might understand as a real climatic issue. But just because we don’t see it happening and because it might not effect us today or tomorrow, it doesn’t mean it can’t be ignored.

With the courageous crusade carried out by Lewis, we now have first-hand reports of what has changed, what is changing and the likely effect that will follow. Armed with this information, we can all start to act now, before the proof Lewis has to bring is right at our doors and the situation is irreversible. And what better way to learn about this, than from someone who has seen it, survived it and wants to share his discovery with you.

Ryan Stramrood EON Showcase
Ryan Stramrood

Who is Ryan and what are his areas of expertise?

Ryan Stramrood, a born and bred Captonian, is the quintessential ‘Average Joe’. He owns a media sales operation and has a loving family.

Yet, when not in the office, Ryan and his small like-minded extremist friends, quietly travel the world in search of its most inhospitable, often treacherous, icy ocean waters for their next swim challenge.


View Ryan's full bio



The FAB Quotient

Who are we & what are our areas of expertise?

The FAB Quotient™ springboards off the brilliance of the interaction effect of three essential components of personal wellbeing, performance, happiness and success.

The FAB Quotient™ Key Note Talks can be presented by Celynn Erasmus (Registered Dietician) and / or Joni Peddie (Behavioural Strategist). Developing and boosting one’s FAB Q™ is science-backed, enlightening and most importantly can be pragmatically integrated into the business, as an enabler to drive performance towards agreed goals. The essential elements all need to be addressed, but they can be tailored with different weightings, depending on the organisation’s need …

F – Fueling (unlock energy + vitality)
A – Activation (be brain fit + reduce stress)
B – Behaviour (be authentic + collaborate powerfully)

Why are my presentations of interest or relevance to your audience?

Successful organisations need Leaders at all levels. Organisations have become flatter and thinner and some are embracing holacracy with self-driven teams/ peer-to-peer groups driving the business to achieve goals. The latter doing away with layers of management. What we do know for sure is organisations are a powerful force of change on the planet and that leaders at all levels of the organisation are facing an overwhelming number of challenges. Macro challenges with economic uncertainty and geopolitical / climate issues … to micro challenges of attracting, retaining and engaging skilled staff. Stress and the onslaught of daily (major and minor) challenges erode mental cognition and slow down our ability to ‘deliver’ far more than we realise. Leaders need to combat this very simply … by having all day / all week / all year energy, enthusiasm and the ability to collaborate with a diversity range of people to ensure customer centricity. These are the hallmarks of someone with a high FAB Q™.




Jon Ratcliffe

Who am I and what are my areas of expertise ?

Jon is currently the CEO of Mofilm Africa and Co-Founder of Mosaic and a Global Agenda Council member for the World Economic Forum. He spent the start of his career in advertising and marketing as a Director at Ogilvy and Quirk, Africa’s largest full service and digital agencies respectively. He then moved to Google and YouTube where he ended up at the Google head office working in the Google X marketing team responsible for Glass and self-driving cars. Jon was previously the Vice Chairman of the Advertising and Media Association of South Africa and is currently an advisor to the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship.

Before joining Google, Jon spent 5 years at Ogilvy South Africa and 2 years at Quirk e-marketing.

While at Ogilvy, Jon was elected to join the Advertising and Media Association of South Africa (AMASA) and spent two years in the Association before being elected as the AMASA Vice Chairman in Cape Town. While in London Jon was elected as a special advisor to the British Interactive Media Association and lectured at numerous universities including the London Business School and the London School of Economics. Jon has a degree in Finance from the Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Specialities: Marketing, advertising , eMarketing, digital, mobile, search engine marketing, social media.

View John's full bio.




Alan Committie

Who am I and what are my areas of expertise ? 

Alan Committie has performed at the Stand Up South Africa Comedy Festival in London, UK (2002) – where he also performed his one-man version of Richard III called Dick and Di to great acclaim.

This talented stand- up comedian was also part of all the Smirnoff International Comedy Festivals (Cape Town, Durban and Jo’burg) between 1997 and 2003!


He also created, staged and hosted the Fugard Fest of Comedy at the Fugard Theatre in December of 2011 which saw a line up of Cape Town’s best comics on one bill for 3 weeks.

More recently, he has hosted the last three Vodacom Funny Festivals at the Baxter Theatre and is set to return in June of 2013!

View Alan's full bio.

Saffron Baggallay

Who is Saffron and what are her areas of expertise ?

With over 16 years of experience in facilitation, presentation, designing learning programmes and more recently coaching, Saffron is considered to be one of the leading facilitators of personal and professional development in South Africa.

Not only are her insights and subject knowledge exceptional, but also her capacity to bring the material she uses alive and accessible to audiences is unsurpassable.

Saffron has an ability to seamlessly integrate theoretical information with practical application and she does this by fully contextualising the information she brings to clients into their industry-specific challenges. Practical application and sustainability are focal points for Saffron as outcomes are central to making learning worthwhile in a struggling economy.

Saffron uses her experience as a vehicle for self-understanding alongside communication and other business skills to bring about a change in how people think, feel and behave about themselves, their workplace and their world.


Saffron has a BA (Hons) Sociology and Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin (1998) and a MADA from WITS (2006) where she specialised in identity theory. Saffron has a special interest in how identity theory can be used to assist organisations to understand talent diversity from a generation, gender, socio-economic and personality-type perspective, in particular. Saffron also has a coaching qualification through Results Coaching; and a coaching qualification which specifically uses the Enneagram. She uses this to help organisations understand how different personality profiles, inside departments, or as an organisation as a whole, can impact productivity. Because of her many years as a teacher Saffron has an extensive understanding of Generation Y, which she uses to assist organisations in better managing their workforce and understanding their new consumers. She also includes this knowledge in her mentorship programs.

Saffron works in the consulting, coaching, presentation and facilitation space, where she focuses on how individuals and organisations can become more self-motivated and productive in order to cope with the challenges and responsibilities associated with a rapidly changing world. A lot of her experience has centred around helping people cope with having to take on roles they ‘didn’t sign up to do’ within the context of a connection economy. For example, helping auditors become sales people or managers become leaders.

Industries that Saffron has worked in.

Saffron has worked primarily in the professional services, banking, insurance, advertising, pharmaceutical, information technology, mining, retail and education environments. Her client have included: Norton Rose, Hogan Lovells, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr, Webber Wentzel, KPMG, Arcelor Mittal, Nedbank, Sasol, BHP Billiton, SAPREF, JD Group, Spar, Momentum, SAPPI, General Electric, Sage Alchemex, EOH, WITS and GIBS business school, Duke Corporate Education; and others.

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