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Siekie Grobler

Serijke Grobler, a Lifestyle Enthusiast, is the author of ‘That’s Life It starts with you’, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and Results Coach. Her message has inspired others to activate their dreams and live life to the full, regardless of limitations.

Serijke is a ‘ball of fire’ enthusiast and inspirational motivator. She was born with Muscular Dystrophy and is determined to teach others that you are more than your condition or circumstance. Her core message — overcome your daily excuses, ‘health and fitness’ is liberating, and ‘success’ is within your reach — She has helped many to take ownership of their lives, see results and unlock their true potential regardless of conditions or circumstances.

Her events are powerful as she entertains, empowers, and engages the audience to take action and turn their health, wealth and work goals into reality.

Serijke has a straightforward, warm and honest speaking style — sharing her life and heart with the world, teaching others to overcome by being yourself and creating your own normal by understanding your reality, tackling your fears so that you can live a life that’s solely aligned with your passion and purpose.

Some of Serijke’s favourite online courses and motivational speaking topics are: recognizing your privileges, stress management, how exercise changes your life, how to challenge yourself, kicking ass at business and life, life purpose, mastering your ‘why’ and mission in life, busting through fear, smashing through limiting beliefs, the magic in being yourself (vulnerable and real), the power of thinking right, how to take accountability for your actions and decisions, leadership tips for women in the corporate world.

With many years of experience in the health, wellness and personal development industries, Serijke has spoken at numerous high-schools, small groups and corporate gatherings.

She is available for bookings for keynote presentations, workshops, conferences, educational talks in schools, intimate gatherings and expos.

Get coached as a whole, (the whole you) seek SIEKIE for advice and ignite your world as you set your priorities alight and spark off the results you’ve always dreamed of.



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