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Mind the Gap
Understanding Why We Don't Understand

Now back in Jozi, Barrie heads up our Talent Development Project. TomorrowToday is convinced that discovering, attracting and retaining Bright Young Things is one of the next BIG challenges business is going to have to find solutions for, and that we are ideally positioned to significantly contribute to this global conversation.

Barrie is also a 'social software' activist, and joins a technically skilled and highly experienced team as the 'creative solution finder', working with organisations to help them understand this phenomenon, and how it can be used to enhance the environment to create a more authentic conversations between their people.

Barrie Bramley was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and moved to Durban in 1993 after taking up a position at a large Youth Development NGO. His next move was to head up the International Youth Development Centre, a project that specialized in recruiting young adults from countries outside of South Africa and placing them in community development projects in and around Durban.

During this time Barrie was instrumental in developing a National High School Development Project for one of South Africa's largest Youth Agencies. He also spent some time lecturing and supervising students in the Community and Youth Development Department of the Durban Institute of Technology. Having stepped out of the non-profit NGO world Barrie has worked in a variety of industries and companies. He is well known for his creative thinking and the bundles of enthusiasm he brings to any environment he works within.