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SelectionProcessHow are members selected to attend EON member Venue Experiences?

We understand that it may have happened that you have applied to attend an EON member Venue Experience on a number of occasions only to be disappointed at not being selected. 

Consequently, you may have decided that it is not worth applying to attend, which is certainly not what we want.

Before I outline how selections to attend a Venue Experience are currently made, it is worth recapping the reasons and objectives of our Venue Experience program.

They can be listed as follows:

  1. First and foremost, VE's are business-focused events.
  2. While fun is an element, the primary objectives are to give members a first-hand experience of what the venue has to offer from a facilities, service, activities perspective and value for money perspective.
  3. An additional important objective is to provide the venue or service provider with invaluable feedback through our member venue peer review mechanism. This gives the product the opportunity to discover strengths and identify areas where improvement is required.
  4. Through the experiential nature of VE's, members are better equipped to make informed and educated decisions about the suitability of the product for their upcoming events.
  5. In essence, the program is about improving product awareness and knowledge.

This is how selections are made:

  1. As the client, the primary selection agent is the venue. Their objective is to grow their business base and so are focused on selecting members who represent corporations or divisions who are not yet their clients.
  2. Criteria taken into account include:
    1. Member annual conference and event spend.
    2. Number of events per annum.
    3. Average size of member events.
    4. Nature of member events.
    5. The above information is provided by prospective members when an application for EON membership is made.

From an EON point of view, we try and ensure a wide diversity of attendance at VE's, in other words, we try and ensure that as many members as possible get an opportunity to attend a VE.

So, don't give up, you will get an opportunity to attend one of our sought after Venue Experiences.