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If you're looking for Epic Events, you are in the right place.

Epic Events, it's products and services, have been incorporated into the larger service offering of the Event Organiser's Network.

If you organise events for your company, department or association or you work for an organisation that provides event management services, you will find the Event Organiser's Network indispensible.

The Event Organiser's Network is about empowering you to run your own events. This is how we do that.

EON is specifically for anyone in Corporate, Government and Trade organisations who make planning, purchasing and implementation decisions for their organisation’s conferences or events.

EON creates experiential networking events and initiatives that enable it's members to interact directly with conference and event venues, products and services.

EON empowers you to run professional, succesful conferences and events, by providing tools, resources and product information that make your tasks simpler and your decisions informed.

EON is product nuetral. We exist to help you find the best solution.

You are best qualified to run your organisations events. EON is best qualified to facilitate networking between you and the right event venue and service providers.

Join EON right now and lets us begin empowering you to run professional quality events.

Membership is free and without obligation.Join EON Now