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Steuart Pennington – SA, The Good NewsStuart Pennington


Africa – The Story of changing, and improving, Global Competitiveness.
Snapshot South Africa – Our Progress since 1994
Employee Volunteering in South AfricaSafety and Crime in Safe South Africa

The business of SA, The Good News is to change the narrative out of South Africa and Africa. We believe strongly that news should be balanced, contextual and truthful; that news should inform both the good and the bad; and that news should enable citizens to hold a narrative that informs a positive prophesy of the future. It is our firm conviction that if citizens understand the good they are much more prepared to make a positive difference to the bad.

We believe that much of the current print, radio and broadcast media are trapped in a "good news is no news" paradigm and that our public broadcaster has no coherent news strategy. Add to this the danger of the 'single story' of afro-pessimism that is so much part of the global narrative on South Africa and Africa. It therefore becomes abundantly clear that different and alternative news sources need to be established to improve the geo-branding of South Africa and the continent.

"You don't describe the future you see, you see the future you describe" is Steuart's personal mantra.