Post by: Wayne Steven-Jennings

Online or virtual applications have been around for a long time, but have never really achieved a serious broad-based alternative to business as normal.

Today, virtual solutions are flexing their muscles as serious and better business alternatives.

In this vein, we are excited to be able to introduce you to EON's Virtual Events and Exhibitions solution, a platform we will use to compliment our Business Events Showcases and one you can use for your events, exhibitions, training, education and more.

This online platform empowers companies to host training, education and CPD events, showcase their products, engage and interact with buyers, host webinars and conduct business as you would at a live event, but with some significant advantages.


Features and Advantages


Provides a virtual version of everything a live event achieves.

  • Can be run as standalone or simultaneously with your live event.
  • Can be used as a permanent virtual marketplace 24-7 365.
  • Enter the auditorium to view live streamed speakers, view presentations and experience entertainment.
  • Host webinars offered by virtual exhibitors or event organisers.
  • Use live chat or video chat to network with exhibitors or setup a Zoom of Google Meet right from your virtual stand.
  • Extend the event past the live event dates with updated content and offers throughout the year.
  • Add featured content like presentations, product videos, downloads, quizzes, discussion boards and more to your virtual stand.
  • Track who visited the virtual stand and what content they interacted with.
  • Exhibitors can intergrate CRM, like Salesforce and e-marketing platforms like Mailchimp.
  • Use AI Avatars to answer common questions and provide relevant information to visitors to your virtual stand.