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Still using a spreadsheet to manage your event RSVPs?

EON's RSVP management services are professional and put you firmly in control.

We'll make a great team. We set it up and you have full login management control.

Top Features:

  • Create an event page (Optional)
  • Confirmation emails.
  • Auto-reminders
  • SMS function.
  • Add registrants to Zoom Webinars & Meetings
  • Paid and free events.
  • Registration accreditation
  • Tickets & Invoices (PDF)
  • Location and maps
  • Manual RSVP
  • Export Registrants to CSV
  • Public or private events.
  • Speaker and program display.
  • Delegate or moderated cancellations.
  • Add to Outlook or Google calendar.
  • Post-event survey

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