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Ok, so you're the independent type. No problem, we've got the tools to empower you to find the right resources for your events.

Scroll down to use our Mobile or Web Event Resources App to source venues and event services and products.

Imagine! The biggest database of event resources in the palm of your hands.



A free service offered to EON members.

Let us take the tedious grind out of finding the right venue and event products and services for your upcoming events. We have over 30 years of experience and the biggest database event products & services in the region.

Simply complete our Event Planning Brief and we will do the rest. Read more to view a completed Event Planning Proposal

Use the Mobile Event Resources App to Plan your Event

app 4 screensGet it on Google Play

Our Event Resources App is the perfect mobile tool to source venues and event services for your events.

Using your phone you can now tap into a comprehensive database of Venues and Event Services in southern Africa.

Over 2000 Event Venues and 29 Event Service Categories from audiovisual services to speakers, entertainers, decor and more means you will find the resources you need for your events.


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Search for venues using:

Location: Country, Province, City / Town

Capacity: Select the maximum number of delegates you wish to host.

Unique Time Radius: Choose a maximum travel time to include all venues within that travel time radius.

Distance Radius: Choose a distance radius to display all venues within that radius.


Select Country or Province

Select a City or Town (Optional)

Select the maximum number of delegates (Optional)


 App Phone Screens on BG6
 App Phone Screens on BG2

Scroll through the search result set

Click on a venue to view conference room capacities per seating style, activities, leisure facilities and more

Add/remove your selections to your preference list

View your preference list and if necessary remove selections you no longer need.

Run a time and distance radius search

The app will automatically determine your location

Or reset the location to anywhere

Select a distance to see all venues within a radius of that distance from your current or selected location.

Select a travel time to see all venues within that travel time radius from your current or selected location

List the venues on the map sorted by increasing distance from your current or selected location

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 App Phone Screens on BG7

Event Service category search.

Select relevant categories to view Event Services within that category.

View the company details to see what services they offer and where they operate.


Event Service keyword and location search

Select a keyword, e.g, 'Decor' and a location, e.g, Gauteng



View a list of Event Service companies produced from your search criteria.

Click on a company to view services offered and locations those services are provided.

Add your selections to your preference list

View your Event Service and Venue preference list

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 App Phone Screens on BG4

From your preference list, send an enquiry to all your selections.

The enquiry will be emailed to all venues and event services in your preference list.

You will receive a confirmation email containing a copy of your enquiry to each venue and event service provider.

 Get it on Google Play  



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