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Gavin Sharples - High Resolution Edited Colour 09

Gavin Sharples


How to Make Money on Exhibitions/Retail Selling


Working an exhibition stand is an art and one of the most misunderstood business areas. GAVIN SHARPLES has conducted talks, workshops and written a book on the subject of making money on exhibitions.


17 reasons to hear this presentation and book this Action Man…


This book and talk will show you how to...


·       generate more leads than you can handle on a stand


·       get the edge on the competitors.


·       safely exhibit by understanding exhibitions.


·       discover why people lose money on exhibitions.


·       how to select the best people to man the stand.


·       successfully work, manage and market on the stand.


·       become an irresistible force on the exhibition stand.


·       be better prepared by having the important equipment on the stand.


·       attract more visitors onto the stand and win the best stand award.


·       maximise results by identifying and setting definite, measurable objections.


·       project a winning and professional image.


·       unleash your most powerful marketing tool you possess.


·       close more business than you have ever done before on a stand.


·       capture the interest of the visitors.


·       effectively start a conversation and never again use, "hello, can I help you?"


·       speak the visitors language and how to give them what they want.


·       make money, have fun and make exhibitions work for you.


GAVIN SHARPLES has identified the importance of the exhibition experience and has spoken to thousands of exhibitors and seen outstanding results after they implement the simple, common sense ideas in the talk, workshop or book.