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Lizette VolkwynLizette Volkwyn - The Human Lie Detector


Human Lie Detection
Emotional Behavior
Sales and Product Training
Business Coaching
Life CoachingSelf-Empowerment

 Lizette's passion for people and the way they communicate through nonverbal languages, Tell signs, Hot Spots and Leakages, propelled her to found FaceOff and create a company with Specialists in the relevant fields with a unique approach of Fun and Professional application.

As a qualified Paul Eckman Academy Intl. Truth and Creditability as well as Emotional Human behavior graduate, professionalism and experience is clearly noted throughout each session.

This approach can put all our specialists in front of the Boardroom, Mixed audiences as well as dedicated purposed driven teams, creating focused and goal orientated results.

Although based in Johannesburg, we are available to travel globally to present Keynote Topics, Workshops, Training and individual coaching.